Song bird Rema Namakula tired of losing data to useless WhatsApp groups

The arrogant Ugandan song bird Rema Namakula has decried her constant loss of phone data to useless WhatsApp groups thus calling the administrators to come to her rescue.

The wife to the Big Talent CEO Edirisa Musuuza Kenzo says she is tired of constant disappointments encountered whenever she wakes up to check her WhatsApp number being added to useless groups mention porn and horror groups yet she has no way to overcome such.

The ”Tikula’ hit maker alleges that the daily habit done by her so called friends to add her up in emerging WhatsApp groups is just a wastage of her phone bundles and battery.

She has called on the WhatsApp administrators to come up with an invention like he other internet applications work to ask for the user’s permission to join a given forum rather than being forced into useless groups.

“Dear @WhatsApp please create a ‘do you want to be added to this group request’. I can’t keep waking up to surprise attacks. I’m tayad!,” lamented the ‘Yo Sweet’ hit maker.