Snoop Dogg Pulls a Gun on President Trump’s Clown in a new Music Video

More haters to the ridiculous trump reign in USA continue to disclose their personalities for the world to know both ordinary and celebrated personalities.

The latest is US rapper Calvin Cordozar Broadus Junior aka. Snoop Dogg who shot fake president Trump in his new video for the hit wonder “Lavender” a track dealing with police brutality that’s actually a remix of BAD BAD NOT GOOD’s song with Kaytranada where the rapper literally takes aim at Trump, pointing a gun at a crown dressed like the president.

The rapper also lists many issues with president Trump including the “ban that he tried to enforce him winning the presidency, police brutality and getting away with it and jailing people for 20-30 years for being found in position of weed.

At other points of the video, we see a clown version of president Trump speaking on the news and issuing his plan to deport all dogs from the country but since the video for Lavender is obviously satirical, I doubt Snoop being visited by secret service though don’t think President Trump will be a fan of the new visual