Singer A Pass’ Statements hitting at Bebe Cool?

Shortly after the alleged beef he had possessed for long with the Gagamel International boss Bebe Cool came to a dramatic end, we thought that now A Pass had all reasons to stop worrying about the future and haters at large, but we were wrong as today he has showed that fake people still exist in his way if not life.

In the statements he made to his fans today Monday evening, A Pass claimed that fake people and haters always have tried to bring him down but he has stood firm. “They hated me last week and loved me this week but still I got paid” A Pass chirped.

This was a message to his enemies that even if they are hating on him, he knows them but still it does not stop him from getting paid and live a life he desires.

This left us wondering why he referred to exactly the same period he had a rift with Bebe Cool and at the same time had to forgive each other. To add salt to an injury, he had to say that fake people are fake they whisper your accomplishments and scream loud your failures.

But for him he smiles and moves on. Still doubting whether he is knocking Bebe cool? Okay, the last words of his were “they are fake, they are fake and you are original, Leader” still you want us to say that he was literally meaning Bebe cool? Your guess is as good as ours.