Singer Mowzey Radio Undressed By Traffic Police Officer – Watch Video

Goodlyfe singer, Mowzey Radio (real names, Moses Ssekibogo) faced his worst fears when traffic police caught him red-handed, drunk-driving. Mowzey Radio tested above 0.08% alcohol content in his blood which caused traffic police to instantly arrest him. To add salt to injury, bottles of beer and spirits were found in his car, some below his steering wheel which further infuriated the officers.

What followed next was Mowzey Radio trying to resist arrest. This annoyed the traffic officer who was forced to manhandle the celebrity. It took minutes before the crowd realised that the man in question was the crooner himself, Mowzey Radio. Immediately the crowd came out to save him and aid in his resistance.

We have learned that Mowzey Radio has petitioned Gen. Kale Kayihura over what he called mistreatment by his officers. He says he deserves more as a Tubonga Nawe artiste. Guess no one is above the law in this Kisanja Hakuna Muchezo.

Watch Video below


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