Singer Guvnor Ace in a Shocking Revelation about Ex-Sugar Mummy

As we unveil this shocking revelation from singer  Guvnor Ace, it should be remembered that at the start of this week, a young man who claimed to be Ziza Bafana’s little brother came out to confirm that he is currently the one dating the ex-sugar mummy to singer Guvnor Ace called Monalisa Larsson a.k.a Lisa.

This never went down well with Guvnor himself and he was forced to come out and clear the air about his marriage with the old woman where he had to shock us with ugly statements that were innocuously attached to himself. And he said he had no problem with the young man replacing him in the thighland of the elderly Lisa after all there was no need for cause of alarm as he moved on to explain why.

I have seen the news that Lisa moved on and is currently dating that little boy. I am very fine with it. There was no love between us. I didn’t love her. Never had sex with her everything was staged. It was a two months project and after getting what I wanted, it ended. I have no deal with he,” he said. In this shocking revelation, he confirmed that the wedding event was a staged stunt to make him resurrect musically and own a name.

It should be noted that Monalisa, aged 80 years married Guvnor Ace, 27, two years back in a civil wedding at Amamu house. It was earlier confirmed that the two met on Facebook but they separated few months later after their wedding where Guvnor by that time claimed that she would not play a great ‘bedminton’ because of the age and she was not to produce a kid as he stated.