Shocking Photos: Pastor’s Wife Caught Sexing With a Sheep

It has always been said that whatever was written in the holy book of the bible will come to be witnessed before the World collapses and what we can affirm at Blizz entertainment, we have started seeing the signs already that the prophecy is coming to reality after Pastor Ijukwe’s wife being caught red handed with a follower.

In a video that we have exclusively landed on, we have been able to identify the whole act.

And can clearly affirm it was a s3xual act between a prominent pastor’s wife only identified as Jane and a follower call him a ‘sheep’ whose name has been identified as Joseph all happening in Nigeria. In this video, the interc0urse which the Jane was seemingly enjoying to heights was being conducted in a mountainous place and a bushy place as well and the s3x style that was involved in the act was the famous missionary.

We have made the initials of the two anonymous because of security reasons but the video shots have been brought to you for your optical nutrition and see how we the people are trying to force and pester God to come back when he is not willing to. Pastors and your wives, you are role models in this country stop embarrassing us to that extent because if it is not S3x, it is a verbal war amongst you.