Shocking Photos: Man Has S3X With 14 Year Old Girl, Posts on Facebook

Shocking photos of  a man having Live S3x with a 14 year old girl identified as Tina Nwaingwe have been circulated allover different social media platforms by the man himself while showing off how powerful he is and how he is able to get any kind of girl he desires to put in bed.

According to the pictures posted on Facebook, Tina Kandy is the real name of the girl who is seen in a dark room with her boyfriend whose name was not disclosed as she was holding weed wraps, smoking it, puffing off and showing off how the smoke was coming out of her mouth.

According to the bed angles and the sleeping postures, it looks so obvious that the two were from having an awesome time sleeping together and in tire, they lay down to smoke weed and post on social media.

Check out the worrying photos below: