Shocking Details about how a KCCA Worker David Ntege Died

On 2nd October,2017, KCCA and the whole of Uganda woke up to the shocking news about the death of a KCCA Worker and boss called David Ntege who passed on in mysteriously disturbing circumstances but now people from within his family have come out to reveal secrets no one knew about.

It has been reported that David got married in December 2015 and not April 2017 as some tabloids have been reporting since they were linking his mysterious death to  a shock “he got after finding his wife pregnant” which has been said to be false by close pals.

David’s wife Sheila returned from her studies and work from abroad where she was working with the world bank in July 2017 and was living at home with her husband but it is surprising that just after David’s death, someone came out and started circulating rumor that Sheila had dumped him and moved on with someone else since she’s also not pregnant.

it’s also further said that David got a blood clot in the head but thought it was a toothache or an ear infection which turned out not to be true and while he was showering one morning, he got a splitting headache. He drove himself to Nsambya hospital checked himself in and it was then that they realized the blood clot had burst and he went into a comma.

Apparently, all this took place last Saturday but one (7th September) and  He ever since then he had been on life support the whole week at Nsambya hospital where he also passed on from.

Sean Musa Carter

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