Sheilah Don Zella goes Vulgar with haters

Yes, you know the Kawala Namirembe song hitmaker, CEO Zella Events and Zella kids foundation you can call her Professor Big Eye’s Ex Fiancee and Baby Mama is at haters’ backs again.

Sheila Don Zella today woke up.on a wrong side of her day and had to hit to haters who are still thinking she doesn’t deserve what she posseses and assured them that she is hardworking.

“To be the best i had to work harder than everyone else life is less stressfull when u don’t give ashit & not giving a f*ck is better than revenge nze ndi kawawala namirembe” Zella asserted.

This can be a normal case but what stirred up everything and directed it to a strong total dismay is the vulgar words she used in her statement.
Even if you are inflicting sense in someone’s head, that is ruled out.

As brought forward above, Don Zella showcased ill mannerism and this was evidenced in the comments she got back from her fans as they were showing dissatisfuction.

We are still wondering how a public figure like Don Zella can come out with such utterances when she had it in mind that many people look upto her.

So should this be the right way to attack haters?
Your answer will be as good as mine.

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