How Sheila Gashumba taught Eddy Kenzo English

Sheila Gashumba, a young model and TV Personality has finally told the world how she has been helpful towards Eddy Kenzo, in his move to learn the strange, English.

Sheila Gashumba said that she first met Eddy Kenzo when she was making it 16 and that he was among the performing guests, she continued that Kenzo preferred communicating in the language which he knew less of, English, not Luganda because he wanted to learn it. “We first met at my Sweet 16 Birthday Party … he used to tell me to always speak to him in English not Luganda so that he would learn the language” said Sheila.

Sheila continued that Eddy Kenzo would always call her and request her to give him some English words to use in his songs. The song she documented was JAMBOLE which she says she remembers Eddy Kenzo calling her past mid-night as she helped give him some words. “one day he called me while he was in the studio to help him tell him words in English that he can use in ‘JAMBOLE’ at 1am”

The daughter of Frank Gashumba, Sheila says that she is wondering how her student Eddy Kenzo learned English this quick that now after 4 years, he speaks perfect English. She describes Eddy Kenzo as a humble man who is often willing to learn more, wishing him success in her future.

Some fans instead of thanking the little girl who was the author of some lyrics in the songs of Eddy Kenzo challenged her saying that it would have sounded sweet if this testimony was given by Eddy Kenzo not her. Others told her that the post is not praising Eddy Kenzo but she is rather exposing him if not mocking him.

Had it not been Sheila Gashumba, words like “Oh my Lover….(Jambole) would be nowhere in the song!

Nasa Tushabe

Writter at The Ugandan Blizz, Business Executive and Internet Marketing Personnel. twitter @nasatushabe