Sheila Don Zella to fly in Platnumz Baby Mama for Her Red Party

According to the look of things, its like Don Zella’s beef with Zari keeps elevating to a point that we cannot even guess when this will end. At first it was Don Zella staging her Red party on the same date as Zari’s White Party and she made it a charity event in order to make Zari fail, now she is the same person that says that she wants to fly in Zari’s co-wife to her Red Party!

Zari announced that her all-white party is happening on the December 21, at Guvnor. Interestingly, this is the same date that Don Zella announced her white party which is happening at Club Play, just a few meters from Guvnor. In here, we shall not just see beef around industrial area, but we shall see a real war as every party will be pulling its own crowd.

The most interesting part of this story is that Don Zella has decided to fly in Hamisa Mobetto, Zari’s co-wife and the lady believed to have caused loggerheads between her and Diamond. However, Mobetto hasn’t come out to clarify if she will attend this party but looks like Zella is determined to see it through at all the cost she will incur.

Experts further reveal that she will exactly need to get Mobetto in though, if she wants to pull crowds to her party. The rest will be seen on that day as we prepare to attend both parties no one can afford to miss this cow fight, shyaaa.