Sheila Don Zella, Big Eye’s ex released another n@ked photo

If there is someone advised Maama Nalongo Sheila Don Zella that the best way to promote a failed music career is through releasing n#de pics, kindly go back and advise her otherwise!

Just like Bebe Cool who releases a new video every month, Don Zella who is Big Eye’s ex releases a new n#de photo every blessed new month.

The singer who last released a photo in October showing her masculine back and ‘not looking good’ bums (Click here to see photo) has released another photo where she is lying on bed and facing the other end of the bed with her bum and back in the camera.

These two are not the only photos that the singer of Tabbu and Nyinimu has released ever since she started her music career earlier this year with Bad Black (who has already left), the mother of 4 Sheila has released a set of them and they have been circulating in the media. Here is her latest photo watch.

Nasa Tushabe

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