Sheebah should wise up and stop being used by Jeff Kiwa to diss Pallaso

It has been a month or so Sheebah Karungi and Pallaso exchanging hot words as they beef in songs, social media and other areas where they get a chance to. Songs have been recorded, videos shot, interviews made all in the name of beefing. The beef has between Jeff Kiwa and Pallaso, but because Jeff Kiwa has very few means to get to the public, he has been using Sheebah Karungi who has been making attacks on his behalf, many people including me thought it was Pallaso who was bad, because his attack was direct unlike the attack of Sheebah Karungi which needed a lot of interpretation to justify the beef. And even many would still believe Sheebah Karungi recording Wantama, was just a love song not a beef song. I also believed that one time. But soon I started following her posts on Facebook as she was giving direct punches to Pallaso.

When Sheebah Karungi went on NTV the Beat with Douglas, she claimed she has no beef with Pallaso. Of course I expected that, Ugandan musicians will never confess to be having a beef in between them. Its only Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine who accepted and still accept their decade old beef, even Iryn and Juliana have never accepted that they had a beef in between them, although their fans have been divided up to now, Ugandan interviewers/show hosts have also one problem, pinning their guests whenever they try to deny things they have been doing in public. I would have been happy if I heard Douglas ask Sheebah that: on this day, I saw you post this and that, what were you meaning, if it wasn’t a beef?
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On May 4th, Pallaso posted that he has decided to stop the beef and will not even shoot the Bagwamu video, will cross words no more to the TNS management but will rather focus on people who love him. “I am dedicating the rest of 2016 to my Friends, my family, my fans and God above all” Said Pallaso “I won’t even waste my valuable time and money shooting #Bagwamu music video in response to negative energy. This is true and final”

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After this statement, all those who thought Pallaso was the sole problem thought the beef had ended it was a few minutes after, when Sheebah posted “I would rather be a honest sinner than a ffkn hypocrite..some humans feed off bad vibes only” this was an indication that the beef is two sided and the second side is not ready to give up. At this time, Sheebah Karungi was recording her second diss song, titled Kisasi Kimu which will be out soon. She has made it a harsh tag on social media captioning it with beef words. A case in a point when she wrote “Put Some Respect On My Name Boy.”

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Yesterday after all words crossed, Pallaso came up again and posted on his wall a message calling the end of the beef between the two asking his longtime music ally Sheebah to stop being used by Jeff Kiwa “TGM we never get on our knees unless it’s for God and my mother and my family or saving a life…… Sheebah I still love you no matter what..You are not your mistakes and I am not my mistakes neither.. I don’t say sorry because I am scared but because I have gratitude and I could say so much more that could hurt you and you can say so much that can hurt me and it breaks me inside because that’s breaking not building.. We built so much together that the world would love to see’s never too late” Stated Pallaso “I heard you are creating another one #Kisasikimu again in diss again..If I ever create any song about you again.. It’s gonna be about how many great things we shared.. forget all the face book, Jeff Kiwa and media hype..I still love you and I hope you do the same..God bless your journey” concluded Pallaso.

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Just because I was too busy and I read Pallaso’s message late, I went on Sheebah Karungi’s Facebook page to see what would be her latest development on this beef story, all I could find was “Abaseka Tebaseka Bonna Twakowa. ..Kyetuva Twefelinga #Kisasikimu”. So it was an indication that Sheebah is ready to continue the beef with Pallaso. So now should we say that Sheebah is being used by Jeff Kiwa or she is fighting her own wars?

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For all those who know Jeff Kiwa, he is that manager who has been running his music on beef and those who have been following the Jeff Kiwa all the way from the Goodlyfe era it has been a beef that has made him the most publicly known music manager in Uganda. While he was a manager of the Goodlyfe, The two young men made wars with almost every musician in the industry. It was by then when they were dissing Bebe Cool, Eddy Kenzo and their own brother, teacher and mentor Jose Chameleone. Just a year after leaving Jeff Kiwa, Goodlyfe was at peace with everyone. When Jeff Kiwa started working with Pallaso, Pallaso became the most hated musician in the industry, his daily fights and quarrels with his brothers Jose Chameleone and Goodlyfe on directions of Jeff Kiwa created a hell for him in the industry. Immediately after leaving Team No Sleep, Pallaso’s best friends are now his brothers Radio and Weasel plus Jose Chameleone. He has now become a darling to many. Now less than a year after Pallaso left Team No Sleep, its again Sheebah Karungi dissing Pallaso, when Sheebah is still under the management of Jeff Kiwa, this is one of the Kiwa Music Wars. I hear now also Roden from Team No Sleep is set to release a song titled Twagwamu in response to Pallaso’s Bagwamu, why all this? Roden may be trying to get cheap popularity but then why Sheebah?

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Sheebah Karungi however much she may be doing a good job for her boss Mr. Jeff Kiwa but she should try to think and reason beyond Team No Sleep. Uganda has got so many beefs and they no longer need more. Politics are f#ckingly dividing Ugandans, let music now unite them but not dividing more. Creating a peaceful Uganda.

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