Serena Bata Comes out to Defend her Husband Sipapa Entertainment

Earlier today morning, singer Jose Chameleone came out to expose music promoter and city business man Sipapa Entertainment a cheap thief who keeps on breaking into people’s homes to get the money he moves around splashing all over town but now the wife to the accused has come out to defend her husband.

According to the soft voiced Serena Bata, she claims that is Chameleone is accusing her husband of being a thief then he must be a thief himself in order to know the truth that lies behind her husband since it is only birds of the same feathers that get to flock together.

Read Serena Bata’s Facebook post below: “Am here by defeating this Guy’s words he wrote earlier this morning
If #chameleone says that #SIPAPA (my husband) is a burglar , the question is #how did Drjose Chameleon know that sipapa is a burglar?? Unless he’s a burglar too (Birds of the same feathers????)
And do you want us also to tell the world what really happened to your legs ? Since we are not of the same mindset i wont go deep into that the way you’ve done but let me make this clear to the world that my husband (#SIPAPA) is well LIVE and kicking..

OYAGALA EBYA #KARAMAJJI NABYO TUBYOOGEREKO TUMANYE OBUTEMU BWOORINA KASAAJJA GGWE ????#BUT…………. Thanks #Drjose_chameleone COS for the goods and friendship we’ve showed you this is the way you’ve paid us back. Remember #GOD‘S eye is ever open and watching you ……may the Almighty bless you sir…”

Sean Musa Carter

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