Sad News: Musician Ceaserous’ Mother Dies

Sad News coming through confirms that Musician Ceaserous lost his mother in a tragedy death that left him rolling on the floor and wondering why such sad news had to fall in just as he enriches and reach the climax of his musical career.

Ceaserous has been staying with his mother in the same house and every morning before he left home for the hustles of the road, he could kneel down with her to pray so that God blesses his day but it is so saddening that now he has been left all alone without even a warning that his mother was dying.

The “Dangerous” hit-maker took the sad news to his social media pages and posted;

Sad News got to me on this very moment about the Death of My Beloved Mother ,My best friend, My Best Teacher ,my all in all …There is nothing as good as a mother’s love to Child .
I still can’t believe it that I’ve lost the Greatest of All ,You gave me More than Much can Mean .there was no single day i left home with out blessings every plan and engagement with your Prayers Mum,Beautiful days shared together, each and every lovely memory will flood through My mind,my heart n my heart still. Rest in Peace MOTHER.”

Meanwhile, this did not stop ceaserous to continue with his work and performances as he immediately went on to announce ow he was ready to perform in Kitgum before coming back tome to burry his mother. “Meanwhile my KITGUM PEOPLE am with you for a Moment amidst this situation at Hand then Later i will be Joining the Family .Burial proceedings will be communicated.” he announced.

Now all that is left for Ceaserous is his father, the KFC representative in Uganda, his family plus his girlfriend and ofcourse his music. Rest In Peace Ceaserous’ mother.

Sean Musa Carter

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