Rich Gang Helps Clear all Bills for Zari’s Mother

Yesterday was the last day of Zari’s mother body to appear on earth as we bid farewell to her in sheer paing amidst cries and reckoning on the best moments had when she was still breathing in her home Busunju.

And it is from this massively attended funeral that the family of Zari came out to wholeheartedly thank the Rich Gang members for the great support they did to help the family in their trying moment.

We came to learn that the Rich Gang members are the ones that cleared all the hospital bills, transported the body and some other few financial help. This showed their love for their former member Ivan Semwanga and Zari family. In Runyankore/Rukiga they say, “rukundo egumeho” (let love prevail),  rest in peace Zari’s mother.