Final Review of Stella Nyanzi’s stripping Video

Most of you have already watched this video, and those who have not watched yet, don’t worry, click here

The Video is an adult video, produced, recorded, and directed by the Main actress herself Stella Nyanzi as she decides to show her grievances to the world, after losing a job. Anyway let’s get back to the Business of reviewing the video.

The Video Quality was poor but strong enough to show the sagging b00bs of a lady who has breastfed 3 children when two of them are twins plus unknown number of men. It was a disappointment in the nudity Industry receiving such a video, where the two breasts Stella Nyanzi even look unequal and unbalancing. The vocabulary was good as she abused the Professor and her tone sounded unsexy at all.

When Desire Luzinda released the fresh video showing the Bujaggali falls, it was a strong achievement only to be destroyed by the dry Kalahari video of Zari. We have been all this time waiting for someone to revive the nudity industry but look, here comes a mukadde removing her clothes as people even fear to look directly so as not to get misfortunes. It is a public request to Winnie Nwagi, help revive the industry with a one minute video otherwise, people are getting to hate the tapes.

Meanwhile Madam Professor, the next time you release another video, make sure you also show your big black p#ssy. Who knows? It might be what people may be interested in. These things of showing only b00bs, we have seen many. For those who have not yet seen the Video click here>>> Stella Nyanzi Video Undressing

Nasa Tushabe

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