Renah Nalumansii panics after Daughter is bitten by a Deadly Snake

Today morning the Switmuzik CEO Renah Nalumansii, a mother to one daughter, woke up to the shock of a lifetime after finding her young daughter covered up in blood only to find out that she was bitten by a snake.

The “Ontambuza” rushed to panic since she didn’t know what exactly had happened to her daughter only to find out after rushing her to the hospital only to be alerted by the doctors that she had poisonous venom in her little hands.

The doctors hurried to find out which snake had bitten her then gave her the antidote that helped reduce the pain and stop the venom from circulating more.

The worried Renah Nalumansii hurried to take it to her Facebook page hours later to thank God and everyone who prayed for her daughter’s well being and below is what she said.

God our protector, so today the Lord saves ma daughter from dying. This is a snake bite which i don’t knw how and when it happened bt i just woke up to blood stains on her bed and asking her she shows me her finger, long story short i rush to hospital and she gets a snake Anti_ venom serum and we hoping for the best as we monitor her, psalms91:3 Gof kips us safe from all hidden dangers and deadly diseases. Am so thankful to God!”.

It should be remembered that Renah Nalumansii has only one child and it is this very girl who got bitten by a snake today.

Sean Musa Carter

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