Remah Jumps in to Help Madrat Pay His Hospital Bills

About a week ago, one of the top 2016 Comedians Madrat who is well known for dueting with a one known as Chiko (Madrat and Chiko) fell onto a nasty accident along Masaka road as he was on a rush for some stage performances and he was rushed to Nsambya Hospital where he has been held since then for treatment.

Doctors and Nurses at Nsambya hospital have been doing their best to save this freshly talented soul with the deepest injury having been caused to his left hand, and so with time he got better until yesterday (2nd January) when it got time to discharge him.

A whooping bill of over One Million Shillings was given to Madrat but he claimed to not have been baring such money, so he tried calling a few friends and family members who ended up not helping him with claims that he always spends his earnings recklessly through giving it to women plus drinking beer.

When such news landed into singer Remah Namakula’s ears, she rushed to Nsambya hospital and helped to foot the bills hence the comedian’s discharge but since he already had a booking, he moved straight to his home town Mukono where he held a performance with his plastered sick hand.


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