Rema is Tired of Eddy Kenzo, Time to Call it Quits

Conflicting royalty is still arising in the love romance between Uganda’s top music stars Edirisa Mususza Kenzo and Rema Namakula also known as ‘Mama Amaal’ has again assured her lovely husband’s readiness to end their romance and call it quits if he doesn’t get enough time for the family affairs.

The overwhelmingly disappointed ‘Tikula’ hit maker has on several occasions shown her dissatisfaction for husband’s continuous busy schedules that leave no room for carrying on his family responsibilities as a father something which she isn’t ready to cope up with and has showed her readiness to end their relationship if the captain of the ship isn’t willing to stir the machine to the right showers.

Rema asserts that ever since her husband Eddy Kenzo became an African music hot prospect, he no longer has time for his paternal duties spending 3-4months abroad working on musical concerts and when he makes it home, he still has no minutes for the little one as he heads to country wide musical tours and the studio where he leaves late in the night thus causing a total mayhem in the family.

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The ‘Yo Sweet’ hit singer has also went ahead to suspend all the big talent members from accessing their crib since they are also bringing a lot of stress to the songbird because of their constant spying on her private life and will have access to the home only when Eddy is around.

However the Big Talent CEO has denied any allegations of a rift between him and his baby mama lamenting that all is well in their family and he is on course with his daily schedule of making money to sustain his family needs and make everyone happy as our efforts to reach Rema Namakula’s guardian, Halima Namakula for a comment about the issue was futile.