Rema Namakula in trouble of refunding NRM Tubonga nawe cash

Rema Namakula is now facing a big challenge after the NRM secretariat wrote a letter to her and requested her to refund the money which she took during the NRM Campaigns since she was part of the Tubonga Nawe artists and later turn her back on.

Rema Namakula while launching Sibyamukisa Video on NTV said she regrets joining the Tubonga Nawe wagon and that she never new things would turn this worse. Concluding with an apology to angry fans.

This came 1 and half months after the FDC Spokesperson Hon Ssemujju Nganda had announced plans to boycott concerts and songs of all artists who were campaigning for the incumbent president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

This made the fans of opposition determined and vowed to shun every concert organized by every artist who participated in the SteadyProgress Campaign, the campaign that will make President Museveni run as Uganda’s president for the next five years if not 7 years as worries have began among various activists.

NRM looks at her apology to the public mainly the opposition fans, bowing to threats from Ssemujju Nganda as a way of saying that she should not have supported and therefore since supporting NRM was bad, she should return all the money she took from the Yellow camp.

Rema who had used the money in makeup and cosmetics plus latest outfits finds it difficult to raise that money and now the only hope is in her sweetheart Eddy Kenzo who has already promised to get her out of danger.

Nasa Tushabe

Writter at The Ugandan Blizz, Business Executive and Internet Marketing Personnel. twitter @nasatushabe