Rema Finds Eddy Kenzo Cheating, Threatens to Dump Him

Musicians Edrisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo and Rema Namakula have been together for over three years but now Rema has threatened to dump her fiancé and leave with her daughter Amaal if at all he fails to stop playing her and cheating with women he calls ‘Business Partners.

According to the information our snoops have been able to gather from Eddy Kenzo’s Seguku residence, we have been told that two months ago during one night Rema snooped and scrolled through Eddy Kenzo’s mobile phone reading Love messages from different women all being sent to Kenzo with him replying proving that he was having an affair with all of them.

The furious mother of one woke up the fiancé only to defend himself that these messages were from his business partners and to make matters worse, Kenzo also plucked off some wires asking Rema why she had to go through his phone since it is part of his privacy only for her to reply that the question wasn’t necessary.

Both partners were over powered by Pride, now they have spent two months without saying a word to each other event though they sleep in the same house. We have also been told that Rema switched from the master bedroom and now she’s sleeping in the guest room trying to avoid bumping into another fight with Kenzo.

Meanwhile, as all this drama is still going on, we have been alerted that Rema is  now tired of the silence and since she’s afraid of Kenzo, she has called upon her mentor Halimah Namakula to intervene in and help solve the family feud.

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