Rapper Babaluku’s Grand-Father Just Died, but Family Members Already Fighting For Property

Veteran hip hop rapper Babaluku has just lost the only person his back has been leaning on in the whole family and that is non other than his grand father but already his family members have started fighting for and selling off his property before even his burial.

Babaluku‘s father passed on when he was just 14 years and that is one of the stories that made his music sale out so much to the World through the inspirational story telling, so he lived up with his grandfather who took care of him after other family members including the Rapper’s uncles selling off the property as giving away all the wealth that was meant to belong to Babaluku.

At the time of his death, this old man has been suffering with a combination of different types of diseases related with old age and he died a very angry man not only with his children but the whole clan since no one stood up to defend his property when it was getting sold off as he laid on his death bed.

The family did not only sell off his property but also abandoned him to die all miserably alone since the person taking care of him, Babaluku had travelled to Vancouver Island to sketch for his own bread.

This is the story we’ve been able to get from the celebrated rapper himself,
“My his soul rest where peace dwells. May he look down us as his grand kids and count on the love he instilled in us since child hood. My he finally get to meet my father who transitioned before him so they can celebrate a life of service rendered through their works here on earth. I just had my last moment of blessing with him a week ago before I landed in Vancouver little did I know it would be the last. This chief of chief warriors world war 2 veteran community builder will always live on through those who clearly understood his vision and impact he had on Uganda through his seeds.”

He also went ahead and added, “My grand father fought hard to make sure that we get justice as Balabyekkubo’s children and now that his soul is lifted justice will meet those who distanced and stripped him of his dignity through these final days. Those who sold off his wealth to exalt themselves of a glory they were undeserving. I am short of words but I know on one of my visits some of his lasts words were “when you don’t have children you pray to God to give you children but when he gives you children then you curse your self as to why he gave you the children” just am expression around how he felt no trusting any one around him. When I was 14 my father passed and they took everything.”

“Grand pa has passed and still they will fight over thing yet while he was here they left him to die in solitude. My God forgive you all! Still trying to work it out in my heart spirit and soul.” with so much pain cried Babaluku.

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