Radio’s first show after cutting off hair sells out

Just a week ago writer and songstress Sekibogo Moses aka Mozey Radio cut off his hair out of the blue which left many fans wondering why he had let go of his longly grown dreadlocks.

Singer has not yet come out to reveal the real reason as to why he decided to go bold but he’s already hitting up stages and pulling off massive performances with fellow singer Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel Doug.

Yesterday the goodlyf duo mashed up a full house in Malaba with energetic performances and many revelers were so surprised confirming that radio had actually cut off his hair and it wasn’t Photoshop.

Today the two songbirds are set to perform in Busia where they staged their Easter Monday show and then later in May they will stage their 2016 concert entitled Omwana Wa’bandi.

Radio and Weasel 2

Radio and Weasel

Radio and Weasel

Surely you don’t need dreads to be a Rasta.

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