Radio and Weasel Getting on the Wheels Steadily

Many have ill mouthed the dynamic duo Radio and Weasel that since they fell out with their former manager Jeff Kiwanuka in the then Goodlyfe crew, that they fell flat and they are now music flops, since they no longer scoop international awards nominations but we completely disagree with that by just looking at the recent three projects of them namely Gutamiiza with the B2C, Home and Africa with Pj Powers, Fire and Butter you can clearly see that they still got what it takes musically.

As they prepare for their most anticipated 10 years of Radio and Weasel on the 3rd November 2017 at Kyadondo grounds, the duo is set to drop another hot tune called Geza Gezaamu where the audio was done from Jeeb records by the legendary producer Crouch and the video was shot by Dark Room Pictures video firm. The whole song with the video will be released this week according to Blizz moles in the Radio and Weasel camp.

It should be remembered that it is not only that but also last week was not bad for them as they scooped an ”MTN  Enkolera” deal with the telecommunications giant which is a move to set MTN Uganda ready to celebrate the innovation of MTN mobile money country wide.

This is all getting Radio and Weasel  rolling and setting them for the 3rd Kyadondo showdown where they will perform all their songs from Nakudata to Geza Gezaamu. We wish you Radio and Weasel the best of luck