Prophet Elvis Mbonye Who Went to Heaven and Came Back is Now in Trouble

This is such bad news to the Christians especially those who follow prophet Elvis Mbonye who is believed to have seen Jesus with his naked eyes and moved to heaven alive and urged all his followers that they too can see him if they have the supernatural powers of divine intervention.

So he is now in hot soup over his yet to take place Gala Dinner as he faces sheer opposition from people.

It is hardly two months when he appeared in the news as he added a brand new range rover sport car to his ever swallowing fleet of cars and it is from this that he decided to stage a dinner where it is anticipated there will be lots of food and divine powers will be everywhere. There will be honoring him with finances and fruits placed to his feet as he blesses those that will give in what they have.

In more shocking news about this is that the dinner that will take place on the 1st of September, there will be paying for the entry as follows, Platinum for 1 million Uganda shillings, Gold will go for 750,000 Uganda shillings, silver 500,000 shillings and bronze will be for 300,000. It is further said that there will be lots of entertainment and spiritual uplift.

But still this is not going well with some group of believers and pastors as they see this as broad day thuggery and the highest level of madness. Many are subject to object this but it is however learnt that the man of God has already registered many ticket sales as we write this. This will set this event the most expensive one in Uganda’s church events history.