Prophet Elvis Mbonye Orders Followers to Kiss his Shoes After Walking in Heaven

The 41-year-old married Zimbabwean Pastor Elvis Mbonye who’s currently residing in and preaching in Kampala will never seize to amuse us as he always comes up with something fresh to disturb our minds with the latest being the claims he made that he walked through heaven so now his followers are supposed to kiss his shoes to get the blessings.

Unlike most pastors whose wives minister with them, Harriet, the wife to Elvis Mbonye only watches his  prophesies on TV.

It was during his Shs1m per head dinner to “honour his anointing with their finances” at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds last Friday evening when Elvis announced about his new visit to heaven claiming that his shoes had turned holy and everyone who wanted to gain blessings straight from heaven just to lick it with their tongues.

People lined up everyone anticipating to kiss and lick his shoes as he sat down all dressed like a king in Heaven waiting for his servants to beg.

Mbonye’s Zoe Ministry started in 2014 when he started organizing quarterly conferences at Hotel Triangle in Kampala. He says Zoe is a Greek word for ‘divine life’.

In a few years, he has managed to gather a following that many Pastors who have been doing “God’s work” for decades can’t comma.

Sean Musa Carter

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  • Bugingo Collins

    Stop misleading people mbonye is a Ugandan