Prisca Mikami’s dancer undresses while on stage

Ugandan musicians never cease to amuse with their creativity. When its not a s3xtape, its a nide pic or some other stunt but to help them win the public attention.

This time the Former Dream Girls singer Prisca Mikami who had gone into been off news is finally back wiTh something new.

The singer of Zingolo ft Kash and also Mpola Mpola goes with crazy girls who dance and for her as she sings.

In this photo we have brought you Mikami’s dance after dancing on the stage and people appreciated less, she decided to get her clothes and remain naked just in a hot pant.

Fans now started cheering her and the attention was got from even the singer Mikami to her dancer whom the cameras were now turning to. Fans stretched their arms so that they can touch on her tugabane though it was impossible the stage|platform was raised so high.

Nasa Tushabe

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