What President Museveni’s Birth Year Extension Means to Uganda

This is good news to the ruling NRM party supporters and at the same time bad news to the opposition members as the big horse of the nation managed to correct the long term age issue. This has all along happened as Museveni himself has always over time said that he was not certain of his date and year of birth so this pushed him to go back to the birth record books at the church he was baptized and crosschecked.

Yesterday 6th August 7, 2017, his excellence President Museveni and the first lady Janet Kataaha Museveni went to St Luke Kinoni Church of Uganda in Rwampara, Mbarara district and had a time to crosscheck in the baptism records and with the help of the bishop of Ankole Diocese Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa, it was found out that Museveni was born and baptized on the 3rd of August 1947. This now finally rubs away the birth year we all knew of 1944. “I will take an oath to correct this mistake, this is a small matter” Museveni affirmed.


What comes next? Well as we all know that he was going to be chocked by the article 102(b) according to the birth year 1944 and it was going to be hard for him to contest for the big spot in the country by year 2021when the general elections are taking place as he would be 3 years past the required 75 years, but now that he extends the birth year to 1947 it means that by 2021 he will be just 74 years old and fit to contest even if the age limit article is not tampered with.

And who wins? Definitely the masses and the rest of opposition have been in high spirits of making sure the article is not touched and we saw the birth of “Kogikwaatako’’ campaign, but now it is confirmed that Museveni has finally won the battle. And as you read this, no one knows what happens next after this whole age and birth year confusion and we ask ourselves how one can fail to know the birth year? Okay then, why crosscheck today not yesterday?

Download: Kogikwatako Audio by Mathias Walukaga.