“Avoid Aimless and Reckless sex”- Museveni Warns the Youths

Last evening at Lugogo Cricket Oval was held this year’s “Born Free“christian conference and it was President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who graced the event as the Guest Speaker and Guest of Honor at this event of thanking God, getting proud and remembering that Everyone was born free.

Officiated at closure of the conference dubbed “Born Free” last evening at Lugogo Cricket Oval, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni talked to the youths at this event that was organized by Covenant Nations Church, focused on financial management for the youth.

In his long speech Museveni talked to the Youths of Uganda and encouraged them to aboid recklessly having sex with different casual partners and also reminded them to handle how to take care of their country as true patriots.

“We have some cases of crime but we are handling that. As young people in school, you should aim at acquiring knowledge and skills. It is pointless to acquire education that is not needed in the market. Stay healthy. Avoid aimless and reckless sex. Sex must be at the right time with the right partner. Having casual sex with all sorts of partners is very dangerous and can be a death sentence for you. Also avoid alcohol and drugs. These will destroy you. Listen to your parents. They are the first teachers. When my children were growing up, I would take them to Rwakitura during holidays and school them. Learn about patriotism. What does your country need? Learn the history of your country. Finally, there is a superior power who can intervene in your life for the better if you allow Him. I believe there is God because of what I have seen in my life.” he was Quoted.

Sean Musa Carter

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