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President Museveni and Bobi Wine finally agree on one thing!

The president of the republic of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the Ghetto President Bobi Wine finally have shared a common mind. This was during the President’s visit at the University of East Africa where Bobi Wine is a fresher Law Student.

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni made a lecture at the fifth Annual Great Lakes Young Leaders Forum concerning Regional Integration. Museveni told the young leaders that if they want to see a rich country where their children and grand children will grow happily, they should embrace Regional Integration.

Bobi Wine who was one of the attendees hailed the President on this idea and said that is one of the few things where he agrees with the President.

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“Yesterday President Museveni visited us at the International University of East Africa to commemorate the #5thAnnualGrateLakesYoungLeadersForum” said Bobi Kyagulanyi “He delivered a lecture on Regional Integration (one of the few things I agree with him about ), I actually don’t only believe in the Great Lakes Regional Integration, but the whole of Africa.”

President Museveni giving a key note on Regional Integration
President Museveni giving a key note on Regional Integration

Bobi Wine however says that he has a differing approach to the East African Integration where he thinks that leaders should focus more on social integration first not political integration as they are fronting the idea.

“However in my opinion regional integration should be approached from a Social, rather than political point of view, i.e. focus on things like a common language, cultural exchange, arts, music, sports and games etc” added Bobi Wine.

In 2016, the East African parliament passed Swahili (Kiswahili) as the official and linga franca of the East African Community which comprises of 6 Countries. Though implementation of this language in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan is still minimal.

Bobi Wine was attending the 5th Annual Great Lakes Young Leaders Forum
Bobi Wine was attending the 5th Annual Great Lakes Young Leaders Forum

Bobi Wine wanted to inquire if there is any plan for common infrastructure, common investment or currency that is taking place in the East African community currently to show people that there is a plan of achieving integration in a sooner time. “.I would have liked to ask him whether He and his counterparts have any plans for signature projects or initiatives e.g. the defunct East African Airlines, East African Harbors or even a common currency which would reflect the Integration within the population, or are they just turning it into a Leaders/Presidents club.”

The first Infrastructure being done jointly by the East African Countries is the Standard Railway Gauge. However, Tanzania pulled out of the project leaving only Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan with D.R. Congo as an observer state with a mind of joining and extending the railway line from Mpondwe/Kasese border to Kisangani the largest town in Eastern Congo.

In 2013, East African leaders agreed to set the common East African currency within the next 10 years, though there is no update about the process of having this achieved in the remaining 7 years.

Bobi Wine has become a darling of many due to his great mind about development and fighting for the Ugandans.

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