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11 positions for very deep penetration

S3x is sweet, and can be very intimate in certain positions, but there are some positions can send sweet intense sensation to the brain of your lady as you hit down that really deep down. To explore into places no penis has gone.
According to Women’s Health Magazine, here are 11 positions for super deep penetration

1. Flatiron
Make her lay face down with her lips elevated slightly, you can use a pillow to prop her up, the legs should be spread out straight.  The lifted hips offer a low barrier to entry, says New York City sex therapist, Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of She Comes First. This position gives the maximum G-spot stimulation.

2. Face-Off
Sit down on his laps facing him, close in into his waist. Because the legs are wider here, you’re more open to receiving all your guy has to offer, Kerner says. The lady is able to control the speed of the s3x and how far the penis should go.

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3. C0wgirl’s helper
Just like Cowgirl, the lady is on top, and thrusts off him. The guy is able to assist here by holding her hips or thighs, supporting her weight and meeting her thrust mid-air. This gives you some great G-sp0t stimulation, and you can go as deep as you like depending on your thrusts, says Kerner. This is very good for view for the man, just enjoy the action.

4. C0wgirl
The lady rides the guy as he lays flat. The lady slides against his thighs. From here, says Kerner, you can open your legs wider for a deeper entrance. This serves double purpose of stimulating both the G-sp0t and the clitoris.

5. M1ssionary
World’s most popular s3x position for a reason, you both lay on each other, face to face. It also combines deep stimulation and intimacy. You can still make out while doing the m1ssionary position.

6. D0ggy
The famous position that has the lady on all fours is also good for deep penetration. The angle of this position gives deep penetration and g-sp0t stimulation, says Kerner. The guy can use his hands for other action such as stimulating the cl1toris or n1pple action.

7. The Caboose
This is modified ‘lapping’ in Ugandan lingo. The guy is seated, and the lady sits into the inner thighs of the man backing the guy. Since this probably isn’t your go-to position, it’ll feel like a whole new world down there, says Kerner. The penetration here can feel deeper than it actually is.

8. Scoop me up
The couple lay side by side in the spooning position, while she bends her knees slightly, and the guy penetrates from behind. He has more leverage and support so he can wedge himself in a way that gives maximum depth, says Kerner. This is good for G-sp0t stimulations.

9. Seashell
Let her lay on her back with her legs elevated, let the ankles go far back towards the sides as possible, then he enters in between in m1ssionary position. The legs are spread wide, lending more depth, says Kerner.

10. Butter Churner
Let her lay back in the plow position with her ankled on either side of her head. He will squat then dip the p3nis in and out for thrusting. This one is all about the newness, says Kerner. Blood rushes to the head in this position, which will add fresh sensations.

11. The OM
The guy sits with his legs crossed, the lady then sits on his lap facing him. Her legs are wrapped around his back, rocking back and forth. This position is all about opening yourself up—especially your legs and hips, he says. Here, you can get deep in more ways than one: Lock eyes with your partner as you climax for added intimacy, says Kerner


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