The Police in support of Stella Nyanzi

As if this is getting to beginning of a movie we have not yet established its title. Now close sources reveal to us a some what unexpected truth about the relationship between Dr Stella Nyanzi and the Uganda Police Force.

Fresh and secretive information suggests that despite the vulgarity state of Stella Nyanzi, despite her unpleasant utterances, she has got her first fans who are the police a close pal reveals.

This came after Stella was suspected to be arrested by unknown people and the police instead of giving a helping hand, it instead tipped on Stella to be vigilant. A souce still revealed that the major reason the police supports Nyanzi is because she attacks the so called untouchables and rips them naked.

And we’ve seen her fan base swell over time supporting her posts and the words she preach especially the Pads4galsUg while others are begging her to stand for presidency