Photos: Zari Hassan Spending Big While Slaying

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has called it quits to July and seems to be patching up her broken segments of life in style in a nightmare of the year she will live to remember but this new month of August in South African as she’s spending big money to hit the back of the top.

Zari has been compromised in her day today living with worrying loses of her loved ones mention her late husband, the CEO of the big money spenders in town Rich gang the late Ivan Ssemwanga and recently her mother who passed away in July this year but as strong woman, she is working tooth and nail to get back to the real personality that turned clubs and drinking places in Kampala city upside down.

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As a responsible mother and a hard working woman, she is working tirelessly to bring up the young blood into responsible citizens as she also goes on with her daily developmental plans and social interactions that made her more famous.

As the queen of Busoga patches up herself to reignite her personal brand as a socialite and a big spender, she should be informed that businessmen in the country are opening up more happening ventures like clubs and party animals are waiting for the icing on the cake for Zari to spend again and make they want.

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