Photos of Winne Nwagi and King Saha as they go cozy that will leave you thinking otherwise

Mwana Gwe Concert was hosted by King Saha on Saturday, November 5 at Freedom City Entebbe Road. Whereas everything was going on normally and people were entering and enjoying the concert, when King Saha and Winnie Nwagi went on stage, things turned into an awe.

As they were performing their song Science, the two went cozy and made people look awe struck as they started making all the sexy moves and Saha even kneeled down to measure the diameter of her bum and sexy legs and Winnie Nwagi at stand still feeling good as a cow being milked watched Saha as he touched her bum and massage her legs.

Filled with ‘sweetness’ King Saha kept recalling the moment with Winnie Nwagi and all he could do was to declare Winnie Nwagi as the best in East Africa.

The audience was left to keep thinking if there is any acquaintance between the two musicians as they realized that what started as just ‘science’ was turning into a ‘Social Science’.  Well no offence King Saha, she is still has claim put on her yet. You can take her home. Below are the photos.

Nasa Tushabe

Writter at The Ugandan Blizz, Business Executive and Internet Marketing Personnel. twitter @nasatushabe