Photos: How it Went Down at Fifi Da Queen’s Kwanjula Ceremony

Bukedde TV‘s Famous “Kanayokya Ani” presenter Fifi Da Queen who has been flying on cloud nine ever since she started nursing a broken heart with her new lover known as Fabulous Love and now they have successfully introduced in a local ceremony known as “Kwanjula” what also some people term as “Kukyala.”

Fifi Da Queen and Fabulous have been dating for over five months now ever since Fifi got dumped by Ziza Bafana and due to total success in their love, yesterday 28th August,2017 they decided to get married in a local ceremony that was glamorously flooded by different musicians, celebrities and socialites including different media houses.

The Ceremony went on well as expected since Fifi and Fabulous have never stopped floating their affair allover different social media platforms and our snoops were able to get some photos from the whole event of how it went down.

Fifi turned up dressed in two different ‘Gomesi’s’, one during the day event, and the grey one during the cake cutting evening session. The couple kept on smiling during the whole event portraying how much love they carry for each other and now that they gained their parents’ blessings, think they may stay together happily forever.

Check out some of the most catchy photos from the Kwanjula.

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