PHOTOS: Tamale Mirundi’s Daughter Jane Mary Namuli Differs Far from her Father

Jane Mary Namuli is a daughter to former presidential press secretary and mouth watered personality Tamale Mirundi and unlike her father, she seems to inciting males to dare touch it and feel the wrath of her father.

Jane is in her late stages of accomplishing her Bachelors degree in Arts at Makerere University and surprisingly Namuli opted not to follow her father’s footsteps of politicking foregoing political science for her destiny in Arts.

Namuli attended primary school while a junior and summed it up at St. Joseph’s School Nagalama but according to her close friends, they assert that she is a party animal and a family to booze just like her father and is good at throwing hostel parties where they party till dawn with her colleagues.

She operates a salon in the city center at Mabilizi complex and she is a free styler when it comes to associating with the public unlike her father who is guided by security operatives 24-7 and Namuli prefers short outfits aka miniskirts and trousers to kill it off and leave men yearning for more because all in all she doesn’t look bad.