Photos: Spark TV’s Annatalia Spends 25th Birthday at a Youth Mothers Foundation

Celebrated mouth watered Spark TVLive Wire‘ gossip queen Annatalia Oze has spent his 25th birthday celebrations interacting with the mothers of Wamukisa Youth foundation while instilling hope in them.

Anna Nambooze aka Annatalia Oze, a former host of Campus 101/on Urban TV is one of the presenters of the controversial celebrity gossip program ‘Live Wire’ on Spark TV along side Zahara Toto and the young dark skinned bae is an October birthday.

Currently a mother with one baby has had a comprising love triangle rumors have linked her to fellow Spark TV presenter Miles Rwamiti and NTV‘s news anchor Joel Senyonyi though she totally sneered at the allegations lamenting that her husband is a one engineer which she can’t reveal due to secrecy.

Ozie has had special moments counseling young mothers of Wamukisa Youth Foundation located in Kiwatule who were abandoned by their loved ones because they are pregnant not to lose hope but rather focus on utilizing the available opportunities to harvest pennies for their children.

The youth center kick started with 12 girls in 2005 and offering postnatal services too. They train the disappointed girls and women in basic life and economize skills that should enable them to take care of their babies mention catering, hair dressing and tailoring.