Photos: Mother Showers 21 Year Old Daughter on her Birthday

Series of photos have emerged all over different social media platforms showing a moment of a mother who celebrated her grown up daughter’s 21st-birthday in a special way by showering her up-to the last moment of even feeding her while using a baby bottle.

The woman who was excited for her daughter as she became a year-older, personally decided to do the old things she used to do for her when she was a baby including: bathing, dressing up and feeding her with feeding bottle and dressing her into her knickers.

This act seemed adorable to some revelers while to others it seemed annoying as some people were seen commenting very negatively with an angry attitude claiming that the girl is a big woman to be showered by her mother and most so take pictures and post all over social media to celebrate the birthday.

Below are some of the photos causing ruckus allover social media:

Sean Musa Carter

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