Photos: Famous Music Producer Joe Tabula Weds 

It is so hard for every good musician in Uganda for having never worked with Producer Joe Tabula in the past decade as he’s one of the best in the currently but now he’s on vacation after finally wedding off his longtime fiance as you’re about to witness in these photos.

Joe Tabula is a music producer, songwriter, instrumentalist and currently working with the oldest music band in Uganda called The Afrigo Band.

He started out in the mid 90s playing the bass guitar with the Wakawaka band at Sheraton hotel. From there he joined music production then later on started off his own studio, BK studio and later registered it as Tabula Recording Agency.

He has worked with almost all the established musicians in the country and outside. Currently he is the Education Secretary of the Uganda Musicians Union (UMU) and a copyright activist.

Below are some of the photos we’ve been able to get so far from his still ongoing wedding:

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