Photos: Crowds attend the FDC Fortpotal Fundraising

Today Kizza Besigye and the whole FDC Team were heading to the Western Uganda town, Fortportal Municipality where FDC was holding a fundraising event.

The event was attended by thousands of FDC supporters who welcomed Dr. Kizza Besigye as he entered the town and escorted him to the venue where the event was to take place.

Unlike the recent days where Kizza Besigye has been denied exit from his home by the Uganda Police, today he was allowed to leave but the police car went behind him monitoring his movements as he headed to the cleanest town in the country.

Various other key political figures were there and Bobi Wine was also around who later shared a post on social media saying that he has defied the odds, coming from the ghetto and sitting with great men like Kizza Besigye. “With the #PeoplesPresident, we attended a Fundraising function in Fort Portal today.It was nice to yet again share prospects for our country. It massive.Anti bwova mu ghetto notuula n’abakulu, eyo eba DEFIANCE!”

Below are the photos from the function




Nasa Tushabe

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