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Photo: Ugandan singer G Snake moves with n@ked dancers

The controversial singer G Snake has now added a new spice to her music. Besides being popular for being beaten because of refusing to perform at events he has paid to sing on and also kissing people in public like what she did to Aziz Azion two weeks back, G Snake has come in a new style.

G Snake is now moves along her the crew of dancers who are extremely naked to the extent that promoters can’t let her perform in the lime light when the minor are around.

She is always left to perform at night when all the responsible crowd is away and those who entertain the bimansulo are the ones left.

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G Snake was also familiar with dancing using a snake which she touches, massage, and even do all sorts of actions without being harmed. But when she learned that the old trick is becoming ordinary now she has set in with naked dancers. She has been spotted in Various places with those naked girls. Photo above is the photo of one of her dancers, she was snapped in the Ekigunda Kyomwaka event.

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