Peter Miles Sets Push Back Video Shoot Dates

Dancehall sensation Peter Miles has been proved to have bounced back to the music industry with a collabo featuring Uganda’s Cindy Sanyu, Nigeria’s Ketchup and the one and only Dj Rocky. Peter Miles, who had given himself a music break ever since his Sweden based girlfriend gave birth, has teamed up with Cindy, Rocky and Ketchup to release a song titled ‘Push Back’, which they unveiled mid last week.

The song, which is a dance hall fusion of Jamaican and Ugandan beats, has attracted several listeners from the singers’ fan bases. It has been doing rounds on local airwaves in Kampala and East Africa, as Cindy, Peter Miles and DJ Rocky work upon shooting a video. And the latest we have got from his camp is that he is ready to shoot the video with others and it is confirmed that the last week of this October 2017 is when the shoot will commence.

However we are still wondering why he didn’t involve his side-kick Menshan in the push back project as it may spark the issue that they may have separated. It should be further notes that some time back Peers Miles had seemingly denounced working with Menshan again although he mixed us up by involving him in the previous project and omitting him from this push back. All in all, all the best to Miles as we are waiting to have the video in our screens.