Paul Kagame’s Victorious Message after Winning Presidential Elections

Rwanda held presidential elections two days ago and ever since then the electoral body has been combining and counting votes from all over the country where Paul Kagame has been able to be announced the newly elected president for the next term.

The over excited Kagame who beat all his opponents by 98% has finally come out to offer his thanks to his voters and well wishers of Rwanda as a whole country.

“Today is proof that this election was truly the will of the people. Despite the critics of our democracy, you have proven that Rwandans know what they want.” he said.

President Kagame also went ahead and cleared the air about what he is willing to do for his people in this new term, he was quoted, “Now the work begins, to continue transforming Rwanda and ensuring a dignified life for every citizen”.

All this has been said while addressing RPF, a political party he chairs, that had gathered to celebrate the victory of their presidential candidate.

Sean Musa Carter

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