Pastor Yiga Brings Back Thousands of Dead Spirits to Life

If you thought that it was only Jesus Christ who brought back the dead to life, then the Kawala based Pastor Yiga can make you think otherwise after him bringing back thousands of Spirits to talk to their relatives and friends during a church service that he conducted a few days ago.

According to eye witnesses and what is airing on Pastor Yiga’s ABS TV, we have been able to witness the kind of power pastor Yiga who is commonly known as “Abizayo” uses to bring back resting spirits to life through the use of a super natural ring he throws on the floor then asks his followers/congregation to lay down on the ground putting one ear on the floor.

After putting down the ears, the whole congregation was seen crying out and showcasing all kinds of possessions with some of the spirits talking out in a loud voice via the congregation lying down. Some of the church members were seen running away in fear that they had seen and heard from their relatives and friends who passed on leaving a lot of questions behind.

After this eye catching service, Pastor Yiga was heard yelling out with a lot of enthusiasm and encouraging more members to attend his next service as he will help them with the ring in order for them to talk to their lost souls and most so ask them questions about their deaths and what they left behind to help their relatives.

Sean Musa Carter

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