Pastor Wilson Bugembe Joins the Battle of Criticizing Prophet Elvis Mbonye

Ugandan pastor commonly known as Prophet Elvis Mbonye of no specific church and a foreseer has been criticized so much by people who don’t believe in his miracles and say that he is a fake pastor who keep on lying just to grab people’s attention and money, now renown Ugandan Pastor and musician called Pastor Wilson Bugembe has also joined the list of people criticizing and attacking Mbonye”s acts.

Pastor Wilson Bugembe of Light the World ministries in Nansana has com out on his Facebook Page and announced how Mbonye is a false pastor and how much actions are hindering the word of God written in the Bible, and even though Bugembe wasn’t so clear with his words, he rather decided to pass it through scriptures that contradict with Mbonye’s actions and words.

Leave those men, don’t fight them, you may FIGHT with them and fight with God, For you will NOT win, But if they are Not from God, They will disappear and you will see them No more-Gamaliel’s word of advice to friends who were trying to Stop the apostles from preaching Christ.” Pastor Bugembe quoted the Holy Bible.

He also went further and added on that Time is one thing that revels everything inlcuding False pastors and if Mbonye is one of them, also his time will pass and he will perish, inhis own words pastor Bugembe said, “Lesson: Time is the True Judge to all of us who say we are “servants of God”

He also went ahead to defend himself that he is not judging Elvis Mbonye but rather leaving everything in the hands of God himself to judge. “Advice : Never be quick to judge BUT still Never Rush to join them! Many have come and many will come, We all came ! Time is the judge like a detector is to a fake note.”

Mbonye’s Zoe Ministry started in 2014 when he started organizing quarterly conferences at Hotel Triangle in Kampala. He says Zoe is a Greek word for ‘divine life’. In a few years, he has managed to gather a following that many Pastors who have been doing “God’s work” for decades can’t comma.


Sean Musa Carter

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