Pastor Bujingo Clears the Air about Burning the Bible and the Missing Verses

Early last week, news surfaced all over social media pinning Pastor Bujingo for having burnt thousands of Bibles at his Makerere Kikoni based Canan Land Church giving different reasons but now the man himself has come out to clear the air about the whole story.

Apparently before all this Bujingo had been trying to fight all the fake “King James Version” Bibles for having been missing out a few verses plus the use of the word “Holy Ghost” in the Bible instead of the word “Holy Spirit” but now Bujingo says that even though he said all those, he says that he can NOT dare to burn the word of God and he plans never to do so but rather to teach his followers more about the right path.

Bujingo continues to say that even though he disapproves those fake books, he can’t encourage anyone to burn them.
Below is a list of some of the Verses and Chapters missing from the fake Bibles yet they are there in the old versions of Bibles.
1. Mathew 17:21
2. Mathew 18:11
3. Mathew 23:14
4. Mark 7:16
5. Mark 9:44
6. Mark 11:26
7. Mark 15:28
8. Luke 17:36
9. Luke 23:17
10. John 5:4

Sean Musa Carter

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