Pastor Bujingo Burns Thousands of Bibles on Easter Monday

Well, as they always say, pastors can do all sorts of crazy things just to keep their congregations in line but according to revelers some of them were over heard pinning Uganda’s famous Pastor Bujingo of having lost it after setting thousands of Bible’s ablaze.

The Salt FM and TV boss has for quite a while been bad mouthing all the new kinds of Bibles which have been brought up throughout different centuries e.g The King Jame’s version, the New Testament,The Good News Bible et.c claiming that “Some Lines” are missing in them including the lines talking about the Fasting Period and that they include the word “Holy Ghost” which appears 99 times yet the word “Holy Spirit” appears only 7 times.

So, on Easter Monday Bujingo tasked all his followers to show up at his Makerere,Kikoni based “Canon Land” church with all these Bibles then he set them on Fire arguing more that he will never stop doing so until people go back to reading the Old Testament.

Sean Musa Carter

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