Panamera Bar to be Demolished by Government

Desh Kananura the owner of the Naguru based Panamera bar and washing bay is about to face a challenge of a life time after government issuing out an order to close his bar due to the fact that it was constructed on a stolen land that Desh himself has no control over.

Panamera Bar has been operating for over six (6) years without anybody coming out to claim ownership of the land it is built on but it is now surprising that all this drama has now come out at a such a questionable time.

In 2012 Police ordered the closure of Panamera Bar and Restaurant in Naguru,Kampala to allow smooth investigations into the murder of barman Badru Kateregga and the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Ibin Ssenkumbi by then said that they suspected businessman Desh Kananura also the bar’s proprietor, to have physically tortured Kateregga to death hence the case getting bitter later on.

Panamera is one of Kampala’s favorite night hangout joints that has held masses of crowds for the past few years including tourists who are always at the bar having fun. It is also well known for always histing charity car washes that take place for different causes inorder to raise money for the sick ones.

Desh Kananura
Document presented by Government
Panamera parking lot
Panamera bar

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