Pallaso squeezes the juice from Spice Diana

Pallaso and Spice Diana will give birth to something we never expected. Something even Sheebah Karungi failed to do. Should we call it teamwork in music or something is wrong?

Pallaso and Spice Diana were squeezing each in what we call Zero distance to extent that the two couldn’t let air pass between. Pallaso and Spice Diana have been rumored to be dating ever since the release of the song Koona (Nkwewulira) a song that made the relationship between Spice Diana and Pallaso increase to more than just a “collabo”

Here is the photo who knows the brother sister love we always here in the church every Sunday. But Pallaso looks as if he was receiving an orgasm.

Spice Diana and Pallaso


Nasa Tushabe

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